AV Riders
Motorcycle Club
Adopted - July 2010

Article 1.0: Organization

1.1 Name: Antelope Valley Riders

1.2 Applicability: These Bylaws will govern the actions of this Club until ratified or rescinded by a two-thirds vote of the Club membership.

1.3 Mission Statement: We are a motorcycling brotherhood dedicated to promoting a positive image of motorcycle enthusiasts.

1.4 Purpose: We are a motorcycle riding club chartered by the AMA and SCMA dedicated to promoting a positive image of motorcycle enthusiasts. We are not brand specific and are open to anyone that rides a street legal motorcycle. We are a non-territorial club and respect all motorcycle clubs. We promote motorcycling in an atmosphere of fellowship, camaraderie, and brotherhood. We foster a network of motorcycle riding enthusiasts bound together by mutual respect, Integrity, trust, and a shared enjoyment of motorcycles. We support and participate in charitable events.

1.5 History:This club was first Chartered through the AMA and SCMA in the spring of 1995 as the Antelope Valley Touring Society (AVTS) and transitioned to the Antelope Valley Riders (AVR) in the fall of 2009.

Article 2.0: Membership

2.1 Membership:

In order to qualify for membership, a person must:
1) Be at least 18 years old
2) Be a licensed motorcycle rider (with motorcycle endorsement)
3) And be a Member of the AMA

2.2 Application Process

An applicant is required to participate in a probationary period prior to being eligible for membership. The probationary period is intended to: 1) Give the current members an opportunity to meet the applicant; 2) To give the applicant an opportunity to meet the current members; 3) To help the applicant get familiar with the rules of the club; 4) To get an understanding of how the club operates and the expectations of each member.

In order to accomplish these objectives, each applicant must attend at least 3 meetings and 3 ride events (Dinner rides or club rides) within a 5 month timeframe. Prior to participating in an AVR ride, the applicant must sign a “Release of Liability”.

After completing the 3 meetings and 3 ride events, the applicant is eligible to be voted on for membership. An active AVR member must make a motion and it be seconded before a vote is taken.

A motion for a vote on a member must be made and seconded, and then the vote will be put on the agenda and taken at the next regular meeting. The Applicant is not to attend that meeting. The Applicant will be notified by the Sergeant at Arms of the result of the vote by phone or email.

An applicant must have a unanimous vote to become a member. If one “No” vote is cast by any member, a discussion on the merits will follow, and a second vote be taken. If two or more “No” votes are cast, the applicant is denied membership.

If applicant is denied membership, they may reapply in 60 days.

Once an applicant is voted in, they must verify Motorcycle endorsement, verify AMA membership, verify that the AVR Secretary has a signed “Release of Liability” on file, and pay their dues. The Initial package will include Dues for that year and a shirt.

2.3 Removal of Membership - Voted out

Any member more than four months behind on their dues may be expelled from the club by a fifty-one percent vote of all present active AVR members.

Any member that exhibits unsafe riding practices and fails to correct their behavior may be expelled from the club by a fifty-one percent vote of all present active AVR members.

A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the club, but charges must be made in writing and the accused member be given a hearing before the Executive Board. The Executive Board will investigate, hear the accused members’ rebuttal and evaluate possible actions. The Executive Board will report its findings and make its’ recommendations to the club at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The club will then vote on the matter with a fifty-one percent of the vote speaking.

2.4 Participation Expectations:

Members are expected to attend at least 6 meetings or Plane Washes and at least 9 ride events (dinner rides or club rides) each year.

2.5 Dues

The Dues for this club is $20 per year for a single membership and $30 for a couples’ membership.

A couples’ membership covers the member and their spouse as full members, both having voting rights on all club business issues, and both are eligible to hold an Officer position. For a Couples’ membership, only one person needs to have a motorcycle endorsement and membership in the AMA (Associate memberships are encouraged).

All Dues renewals are due in January. If a member is voted in after June30, they will be charged half Dues for the remainder of the year.

At the time of renewal each year, every member must verify Motorcycle endorsement, AMA membership, and ensure the AVR Treasurer has a signed “Release of Liability” on file prior to paying dues.

Article 3.0: Club Code of Conduct

3.1 All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so as to bring honor and respect to the club at all times. Any actions, by a member, deemed detrimental to the organization, shall be cause for review under the disciplinary procedures and could result in discipline up to or including suspension or expulsion from membership

3.2 All members will be aware that whenever they are wearing the Club insignia, they are representing the Club as a whole and will conduct themselves accordingly.

3.3 Anytime a member is conducting official club business, they are required to wear their club shirt.

3.4 Each member serves as a safety officer. Each member is responsible for identifying and reporting any condition that threatens the welfare of the club members or the general public. Any willful act of unsafe riding witnessed by a fellow club member could result in denial of membership or expulsion from the club.

3.5 Email will be used to disseminate information. It is the responsibility of each member to read it.

3.6 Club members will not wear club patch or in any way represent the club at any event hosted by a 1%r club.

3.7 On Club rides, we ride in a close staggered formation. Each rider is responsible for the safe operations of their motorcycle. Motorcycles will be in front, followed by Trikes, and followed by any member participating in a car. The last vehicle participating in the ride will assume the Rear Road Captain responsibilities.

3.8 The rear Road Captain is responsible for assisting any rider that experiences mechanical breakdowns and will never leave a fellow member on the side of the road without helping them.

3.9 The Club will ride together to and from ride events. In the event a member must leave the group, they will pre-coordinate with the Ride leader or Road Captain for that ride to avoid any unnecessary confusion. As members “break-off” from the group when returning from a ride event, they will signal to other members and receive acknowledgement. For Dinner Rides, the Club will ride from the rendezvous point to the restaurant together and leave from the restaurant on their own.

3.10 All guests participating in an AVR ride event must be made aware of our Club liability policy.

Article 4.0: Officers

4.1 Qualifications to serve as an Officer

         4.1.1 Must be a full paid member in good standings
         4.1.2 Must have been a full member for at least 6 months

4.2 Officer duration

Officers are voted in at the November Club meeting of even numbered years and serve for a minimum duration of two years. There is no limit to the number of times a person can serve in any position as long as he or she is re-elected every two years.

4.3 Description of Duties

   4.3.1 President:

 Is responsible for representing the club to all outside agencies and individuals and is empowered to commit the club physically and monetarily up to $200 in non-recurring expenses. All commitments over $200 requires a membership vote. Is responsible for scheduling and presiding over all general club meetings. Is responsible for calling and presiding over Executive Board meetings or special meetings whenever necessary. Shall cosign all club checks along with the treasurer.

   4.3.2 Vice-President/Sergeant at arms/Quartermaster:
 Is responsible to perform the duties of the President in the event the President is unavailable. Is responsible for enforcing all rules of the club. Is responsible for providing applicants with the rules of the club. Is responsible for informing applicants the results of their vote for membership. Is responsible for maintaining account of and control of all property owned by the club. Is responsible for ensuring any broken equipment is fixed or replaced as necessary.

   4.3.3 Secretary:
 Is responsible for taking minutes at all official Club meetings including General Meetings, Executive Board meetings, and any Special meetings called by the President. Is responsible for sending the minutes from each meeting to all club members via email. Is responsible for maintaining a file of all member “Release of Liability” forms. Is responsible for maintaining the repository of all current Club documents such as the Charters and Bylaws. Is responsible for maintaining a current list of all Committees, Committee Chairs, and Committee members.

   4.3.4 Tresurer:
 Is responsible for keeping an accurate account of all financial activities of the club, and maintaining all financial documents relating to club funds. Is responsible for receiving all funds and making all deposits. Is responsible for making a full and accurate report at all monthly club meetings. Is responsible for bringing all check writing and Receipt books to every meeting. Is responsible for collecting membership dues, maintaining a list of all current paid members, and their associated contact information including phone numbers and email addresses and provide that information to the Secretary. Is responsible for contacting any member who is delinquent on their dues to remind them dues are due. Is responsible for verifying at the time of renewal, that each member has a valid motorcycle endorsement, is a current member of the AMA, and has a “Release of Liability on file with the Club Secretary. All checks will be signed by the treasurer and the President or Vice-President in his absence. File all necessary tax returns in accordance with Local, State and Federal laws each year.

4.4 Election Process

At the September meeting, Officer Elections reminder will be put on the agenda.

At the October meeting, Nominations will be taken for each Officer position.

At the November meeting, Election of Officers will be on the agenda. The sitting President will announce the candidates that have been nominated for each Officer position and ask if there are any additional nominations. He will note any additions and then call for the vote. The vote will be conducted for each Officer position and will be determined by a show of hands for each nominee. Each member will get one vote per Officer position.

Election of Officers is by a simple majority of voting members present at the November meeting.

Absentee ballots – In the event a member is unable to attend the November meeting, their ballot must be submitted by email to all sitting Officers indicating their vote prior to the November meeting.

The Term will begin as of the January meeting where the incoming Officers will be seated.

4.5 Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of all current Club Officers.
A minimum of three Board members is required to take a vote.
Issues addressed by the Board will be decided by a simple majority of attending Board members.

The Board addresses disciplinary actions/sanctions – vote to eject a member, establishes new committees, etc.

The Executive board will investigate all complaints submitted in writing pertaining to the conduct of a member. If the Board decides that the offense warrants possible expulsion, the subject will be brought up for a vote at the next general meeting. The board may decide to handle the issue in some other way such as counseling or discussion with the effected persons.

The Executive Board will act as mediator for any disputes between Club members.

Article 5.0: Conduct of Meetings

Roberts Rules of Order will be used as a guide to govern the conduction of Club meetings.

All order of business will be by motion, second, discussion, and raised hand voting. Fifty-one percent majority is needed for passage.

Tabling of any motion will be for a maximum of ninety days.

Two Officers in attendance constitutes a Quorum for voting at a general meeting.

The order of business will include at a minimum:

     Call meeting to order
     Introduction of guests
     Reading of minutes / Accepting minutes
     Treasurer’s report
     Webmaster’s Report
     Old Business
         Last Month’s Dinner Ride
         Last Month’s Club Ride
         Committee Reports
     New Business
         Monthly Dinner Ride
         Monthly Club Ride

Discussions will be limited to 3 minutes per person per topic.

Article 6.0: Committees

6.1 Committee Expectations (Conduct/Behavior)

         6.1.1 Will hold Committee meetings outside of the General meeting regularly.
         6.1.2 Each Committee Chairperson will give a Committee Report at each General meeting
         6.1.3 All major decisions of the Committee must be endorsed at a General Meeting.
         6.1.4 If no Committee meetings are held for that Committee for more than two months, a new Chairperson will be selected.

6.2 Standing Committees are:

         6.2.1 Outings/Events/Ride/Calendar (Scheduling)
         6.2.2 Poker Run

6.3 Ad Hoch Committees (as Required)

Article 7.0: Club Initiatives

Incorporating as a non-profit organization will be a priority goal for this club.

Article 8.0: Update/
of Bylaws

8.1 These Bylaws must be reviewed and approved (through a general vote) every two years following the election of new officers.

8.2 These Bylaws can be altered or revised at anytime following a motion at a general meeting, a description of the suggested revision being included in the minutes of that meeting, and a vote with two-thirds approval being taken at the next meeting.

Article 9.0: Liability

The Antelope Valley Riders Motorcycle Club accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its members. Members and guests participating in AVR Events do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own conduct.

Article 10.0: Copyright/
Trademark Statement

The names, “Antelope Valley Riders” and “AV Riders” and Logos are the sole property of the Antelope Valley Riders Motorcycle Club, and may not be changed, duplicated, reproduced, copied, or used in any promotion without the expressed written consent of the Antelope Valley Riders motorcycle club Executive Committee.