Dinner Rides
Held the Third Wednesday
of each month

led by Angel
went to Cuban Food
on the Boulevard

led by Bob Webb
went to Diamond Jim's
Restaurant and Casino

Dave G. was there
But nobody showed!

Doug led Don,
Brad & Rhonna,
Dean & Lois,
Angel and Dave to
the Rock Inn for
Vintage Bike Night

Dave & Donna led
Carla, Tony, Lori,
Brad & Rhonna,
and Glenn & Cindy
to Schooners in

Brooks led
Ken, Glenn & Cindy,
and John K. to
Heart and Soul
in Green Valley where
they were up met
with Dave & Donna

Doug led Jack to
the Rock Inn where
they were joined by
Angel & Norma for
Vintage Bike Night

June Club Ride

    On June 16, 2018, Lynette led Carla, Brad, Glenn & Cindy, Tony, Bob,
    Dean, and John K. to The Nest in Ojai.

Frog Fest 2018

    On Saturday June 9, 2018, Kevin and Don attended this event.
    The first leg Paraded 150 motocycles from Harley to Acton.
    Miles of motorcycles all riding together. A poker run, live Bands,
    libations, and food.

    It was a good day!

April Club Ride

    There were no pictures of motorcycles submitted of this event

    So here are four guys sitting at a table. (picture by Dave Grattan)

On Saturday morning, Bob, Ray, Dave and a guest rider, John Staron
gathered at the McDonalds in Rosamond and headed for Kernville. We rode down Willow Springs road through the windmills and into Tehachapi where
we caught Hyw 58 to Caliente Bodfish road. At the split, we all chose to take
the "easy" route on Caliente Creek Road and found that several areas of the
road were under construction without pavement. We made it safely to the Kernville Brewery and ate in the Backyard, which has a different menu
than the regular restaurant.

Then after a nice lunch, and pounding a few beers on the back pourch, it
was a quick ride back home on the 14 freeway.

A great day of riding, company and food!


March Club Ride
Valley Relics Museum

    On Saturday March 21, 2018, Dave & Donna, Brad and John
    went on this Month's Club Ride (all in Cages) to the
    Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth.

Sweetheart Ride
The Club comes together to support SCMA

    On 10 February, 9 members of the AV Riders supported
    the "Sweetheart Ride".
    The ride was sponsored by the SCMA, with proceeds
    going to support the Bags4Kids charity.

    The ride was a beautiful 156 mile tour, starting at the
    Angels National Golf Club in Sunland and ending at
    Cycle Barn in Lancaster.

    The route took you up Bouquet Canyon, thru Spunky
    Canyon, over to Mt. High and out into the
    desert to Cycle Barn, where they burned the burgers
    just the way you like them!

    It was a very enjoyable day of riding and socializing
    with friends.

May Club Ride

        On May 19, 2018, Brooks led Dave and Gary on a 355 mile trip
        to the Solvang Motorcycle Museum and to Cold Springs for lunch

Laughlin 2018

    On April 26-29, 2018, Members attended The Laughlin River Run.

    They join up at Costco early  Thursday morning, and ride as a group to
    Laughlin, NV. Then the Group returns home  on Sunday.

    The first stop of the journey is at the Barn for breakfast, in
    Newberry Springs, 120 miles from the starting point.

    From there it is 150 miles to the Laughlin strip. There are gas stops
    closer if needed.

    At this event, there are lots of Exibits, Vendors and Entertainment
    to enjoy in a very Biker Friendly environment.

                          CAUTION ADULTS AT PLAY!!!

February Club Ride
Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

    On Saturday February 17, 2018, John K led 5 motorcycles and a Spyder
    on this Month's Club Ride to Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande.
    Dave, Gary, Don, Jeff, and Jeff's Girlfriend, Mary, all found the
    Bottle Tree Ranch to be interesting and everyone had the opportunity to
    chat with Elmer.

    They finished the ride with lunch at Appollo Burger.
    Another good day of riding.

David Mann's Chopper Fest
February 4, 2018

Canyon Run
January 2018 the club ran the canyons
as the Monthly Club ride.