AVR Mourns the passing of a long-time members                     

Dean and Lois Yates                               

      Sad News

    Back on September 25, Lois Yates laid down
    for a nap and passed peacfully.

    In May we learned that her Husband
    Dean has also passed away.

    They had been long-time members of the
    Antelope Valley Touring Society (AVTS)
    AVTS became the Antelope Valley Riders
in the Fall of 2009 and Dean and Lois
    were with us the entire time. They were fun and
    out spoken members that made the club better.
    They will be sorely missed!!!

Sad News

On July 2, We also found that a long time member     
of the Antelope Valley Touring Society (AVTS)     
Cliff Roark
passed away!    

Cliff was a very active member of the AVTS     
and was one of the "Forefathers"     
that were responsible for the establishing the     
Bylaws for the the newly established     
Antelope Valley Riders     

Cliff attended the Laughlin River Run many times    
as part of the AVTS contingent and hosted the    
AVTS and AVR Christmas parties at his house.    
He was turely a valuable member who supported    
us any way he could. We will miss him!    

                        Cliff Roark


  SoCal Burn Ride

    Some of our members attended
    the SoCal Burn Ride.


  In and Around Laughlin

    A group of our members attended
    the Laughlin River Run this year.
    And even spent time in the freezer.




While in Nevada
Don went for a Quick Ride.
And boy was he Quick.

High Desert Super Bloom!