June Club Ride    
        AVR rode the Angeles Crest                     

Angeles Crest             

  On June 14, Doug Led the Club Ride. Don, Tom,
  Bill & Sherry, and Gary
went on this Club
  adventure, with Jeff and JC (Guests) joining up

  They started the day by meeting at Lucky Roxy's
  a restaurant on Palmdale Blvd for breakfast. Then
  they headed for the Angeles Crest. They rode to
  Newcombs Ranch where they looked at the Exotic
  cars and many bikes that come to run the twisties.
  It is a never ending show. Then they continued on
  to Wrightwood for lunch and drinks at The Yodeler
  Craft Beer Bar and Grill

  Then after lunch, they made their way down the Big
  Pines HYW to Valyermo Road, on to Fort Tejon
and on to Hyw 138 in Little Rock and headed
  home. Another Nice 156 Mile day!





January Club Ride    
        AVR rode to Santa Monica, Malibu, and Ventura                     

Neptune's Net         


 Back In January, Gary, Len, Rannah, and Dave
 went on a Club adventure.

 They started the day by meeting at a restaurant in
 Acton for breakfast. Then they headed for the coast.
 First they rode down to Santa Monica, and then
 turned North up the coast to Malibu for a stop at
 Neptune's Net for lunch.

 Then after lunch, they continued North up the coast
 to Ventura to visit the Waypoint Vintage Trailer

 After touring the vintage trailers, they started back
 inland and back to the Valley for Dinner.


DINNER Ride!!    
        We do love our food                     

     Let's Ride - Let's Eat!!!

           In January, Angel and Norma
           led the Dinner Ride to the Cuban Express
           Doug, Bob, Sue, Mike, Brad, Rannah, Scott,
           Paula, Bill, Sherry, and Dave
           this event. Everyone remarked how much they
           enjoyed the food and the company.

           In February, Doug led the Dinner Ride to
           the Happy Hour Bar and Grill.
           Brooks, Don, Bob, Sue, Angel & Norma, Bill,
           Sherry, Brad, Rannah, and Dave

           attended this event.

January Dinner Ride to Cuban Express    


    July Dinner Ride to Salt Lick Tavern   

In June, Scott & Paula led the Dinner
Ride to Don Chato's Mexican restaurant in
Acton. Dave, Tom, Rannah, Bob,
Doug, and Angel & Norma
Attended this event.
6 Bikes and a Trike.

In July, Doug led the Dinner Ride to
the Salt Lick Tavern in Lake Elizabeth.
Bob, Angel & Norma, Dave, Jack,
Scott & Paula,
attended this event
There were 5 Bikes and a Trike